Democrats Threaten Trump’s Cabinet Pick…But Congress Just Did Something AWESOME!

Things are moving fast within Donald Trump’s transition team. While it’s only been a month since the business mogul was elected President, he and his people have made major announcements about his plans, interacted with foreign countries, and made picks for key leadership.

Trump supporters have much to celebrate over with the people he has chosen so far for his cabinet. For the next four years we can count on strong, conservative, uncompromising leadership in key posts within our government.

While the liberal media has tried to discredit the men and women Trump has selected, democrats in Washington have made veiled threats about supporting the incoming staff.

Not if republican leaders have anything to say about it.

From Town Hall:

Congressional Republicans on Tuesday unveiled a stopgap spending bill that would also expedite the likely confirmation of President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for defense secretary next year.

Word of the bill came around the same time that Trump formally announced he had selected retired Gen. James Mattis for the top Pentagon job. Congress needs to change the law so a former military man can serve in the civilian post.

The spending measure would keep the government running through April and also contains $10 billion in supplemental war funding and $4 billion more for disaster relief for Louisiana and other states as key additions.

Anyone who remembers the drama of 2012 and 2013 knows how crucial approving the government’s budget is. To avoid the crisis from those years, it’s likely this bill will go through quickly.

That means the measure to help ensure Mattis becomes the next secretary of defense will certainly go through. Current law requires a seven-year wait before former military can serve in a civilian post. However, this new bill will remove that wait, allowing Mattis to take office.

This bill also includes a $170 million aid for Flint, Michigan, which still suffers from lead-tainted water.

With a majority GOP in Congress, there shouldn’t be major resistance to the passing of the bill or the confirmation of Trump’s picks. There might be some nasty and unwarranted rhetoric, but the democrats have little power to resist Trump.

Source: Town Hall

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