SICK: Democrats Start ANTI-Civil Rights Movement! What They’re Demanding is DESPICABLE…

During the 1960’s a powerful movement swept through America. The Civil Rights movement strove to secure equal rights for all Americans, regardless of their race. White and black Americans stood together in peaceful protests in order that the federal government would pass laws protecting all of our freedoms. That generation was successful in changing our nation.

Today’s generation of pales in comparison. Despite the massive progress we have made in the last fifty years, there are numerous black “social justice” groups that seem to be missing the point. Instead of bringing unity, they try to tear us apart. Instead of seeking equality among all Americans, they seek to propel the rights of black Americans at the expense of white.

While this is clearly insanity and counter to race relations and the progress of our country, there are people actually giving these groups credence. Although their rhetoric and actions are filled with nothing but hate, leaders in government and society still pay attention.

That needs to end.

From Info Wars:

The organizer of a “Black DNC Resistance March” in Philadelphia Tuesday demanded white supporters and “white media” move to back of the crowd.

“White media get to the back!” the speaker demands. “Black media come to the front!”

Does this sound like progress to you? Would a great man like Martin Luther King Jr. have allowed this kind of ignorance? After decades of seeking harmony and equality among all races, there are groups who still want to separate us by our skin color.

This kind of stupidity doesn’t belong in America. It’s the kind of behavior you’d see in a school yard among children; yet that would be quickly corrected by any reasonable adult. When it’s a black person holding a megaphone, we’re supposed to obey.

Communists, Anarchists, Black Lives Matter supporters and groups opposed to “police terrorism” were also in attendance, several of whom temporarily blocking traffic.

There you have it. The kind of people BLM associate with. Communists and anarchists. The Black Lives Matter movement does not care about uniting our country. They don’t want to protect our Constitution or freedoms. They only wish to plunge us into greater chaos, while their leaders make money off the spectacle.

It’s time we as a nation show these terror groups we will not be divided.

Source: Info Wars

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