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After Dem’s Keep Abusing Tax Money For Sexual Assault, Paul Ryan Finally Comes Up With A Good Idea
By OEditor|December 14, 2017

Paul Ryan did something right. Check your pulse, and make sure it’s not snowing in hell.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – sometimes bad politicians make good decisions. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Ryan is definitely a broken clock. He couldn’t repeal Obamacare. He opposed the Wall. He threatened to work with Democrats at a time when the president needed him to stand tall. Honestly, he may as well have been a Democrat himself.

But Democrats these days are really into one thing – using taxpayer money to pay out sexual harassment claims.

And to that, Paul Ryan is saying ‘no more.’

Absolutely no more. Use your own money for that nonsense.

And, luckily for us, he’s ready to make it law.

The Hill reports:

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that Congress plans to stop using taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment cases against lawmakers.

Ryan said that congressional committees are currently at work on a “wholesale reform package” for sexual misconduct procedures.

When asked whether Congress would stop using taxpayer dollars to settle these cases, Ryan replied, “Yes, that’s among the things we’re working on right now.”

On the one hand, I want to applaud Ryan for making a wise choice. On the other hand…how was this not obvious decades ago?

Conservatives are right about government…it isn’t run with any common sense at all. Using taxpayer money to settle harassment claims is like using treasury funds to pay for prostitution – it’s illegal, it preys upon the vulnerable, and it’s really not what I give DC politicians my money for.

I prefer the building of roads and schools to paying frightened girls to stay silent. Maybe that’s just me.

Luckily for the country, this is one area that has some bipartisan support.

The House and Senate have both voted to mandate sexual harassment training for members and staff, and both bodies are pushing for reforms in how Congress deals with sexual harassment.

Good call, DC. But I’ve never seen a decision like this before – because I’m pretty sure that kicking out all the sexual harassers will leave you with precious few politicians left roaming the halls of Congress.

Fewer politicians would mean fewer salaries to pay, though. So I guess that would save us even more money.

Drain the Swamp.

Source: The Hill

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