RIGGED: Democrat Corruption REVEALED…How Hillary Is Stealing The Election

It’s a conspiracy.

At least, that’s what some Bernie Sanders supporters are telling themselves, as they watch Hillary Clinton retain front runner status despite Sanders’ many primary wins.

In a way, those #FeelTheBern cheerleaders are right: The game really is rigged, but the “conspiracy” lies within their own Democratic Party’s rules and regulations.

Sanders (a former Independent) and his fans are part of the very system that’s letting their enemy win. And that isn’t the only irony:

According to the Los Angeles Times:

[I]t’s the rules that Democrats play by — rules that now work to Clinton’s advantage, even as they thwarted her candidacy eight years ago, when she lost a nominating fight to then-Sen. Barack Obama.

It takes 2,383 delegates to win the nomination at the party’s national convention this summer in Philadelphia. Entering Tuesday’s contests, former Secretary of State Clinton has 2,240 delegates to Vermont Sen. Sanders’ 1,473.

It is theoretically possible [for Sanders to overtake Clinton in the delegate count to win the nomination], just as it is theoretically possible to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than two hours –provided you go 200 mph the entire way.

Sanders must win close to 90% of remaining delegates to overtake Clinton. It’s mathematically possible, but not realistic, given that Democrats award delegates on a proportional, rather than winner-take-all, basis.

Unlike the Republicans, the Democratic Party has a system of “superdelegates.” As the Times notes, while they like to think of themselves as the party of “the people,” the Democrats also “want to win elections.”

So after its crushing losses in 1968, 1972 and 1980, the party invented superdelegates, an elite comprised of “elected officials and other party leaders and activists.” This year, “the overwhelming majority [of superdelagates] are supporting Clinton.”

Somehow, this arrangement doesn’t seem very… “democratic.”

Source: Los Angeles Times

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