Disgusting! While Israel Burns…You Won’t Believe What Muslims Are Doing! [Watch]

Over the course of last week, people around the world were horrified to learn of the massive wildfires that were sweeping across the nation of Israel. unbelievable

The fires burned through parched forests, destroyed many homes, and forced tens of thousands of citizens to relocate.

Intrepid Israeli firefighters have tirelessly worked to contain the blazes. Most of them are under control at this point, but the damage is extensive. The worst part of it all is that the fires were not started by natural causes, but arson, as details suggest that it was part of a terrorist attack.

Even worse is the reaction by many online, who have celebrated the carnage.

From Right Wing News:

Twenty-two people have been arrested on suspicion of arson or incitement to arson, security officials said on Friday, as Israel continues to battle its worst wildfires in years…

As reported by the Algemeiner Journal, Palestinian and Arab Muslims alike took to Twitter via the hashtag #IsraelIsBurning to issue “attacks on the Jewish state; cheers about its being on fire; and calls for Palestinians to go out and set additional fires.”

Among the unthinkable tweets were messages like “It’s God’s punishment,” ” Best of luck to the fires :),” and “God, add more fire to them until it is their end.”

The hashtag #IsraelIsBurning was trending on Twitter. The celebration of the death of Jewish people and the destruction of their homes was allowed to trend around the world by the social network, while pro-conservative hashtags are often removed immediately.

While it is expected that anti-Semitic Arabs would celebrate such a terrible event, it is unacceptable for an American-based social network like Twitter to encourage or condone it. Accounts that welcomed the destruction and tweeted in favor of it should have been banned, just as much as alt-right accounts that promoted other forms of hate speech.

But it seems that Twitter and its Saudi-based stockholders, didn’t seem to mind the celebration of Israel burning.

Source: Right Wing News

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