BOOM! Donald Just Brought The Pain To Illegals…This Is What America Demanded!

Crossing the border into the United States just got a lot more difficult.

Prior to Trump’s inauguration, many immigration laws were not being enforced. This made illegal aliens much more willing to risk the perilous journey and high smuggling fees, because their risk of being deported was much lower under former President Obama.

The left’s tiresome preaching that Americans must have compassion while ignoring the threat illegals pose to public safety is a large reason why Democrats have been losing elections.

But President Trump, with only a few minor adjustments, has drastically decreased the number of law breakers attempting to sneak into the country. And the wall hasn’t even been built yet!

From The Daily Wire:

  • Arrests in the Rio Grande Valley dropped from 15,579 in January to just 4,143 in March
  • That means the daily number has dropped from 291 to only 37 
  • 16,600 were arrested across the entire Mexican border in March compared to 66,000 last October 
  • The numbers are a 17-year low for the region

Border patrol agents are stunned by the turnaround at the Rio Grande.

“This area used to be really hot,” said Marlene Castro, a 20-year veteran of the Border Patrol. “You couldn’t move. Every time you turned a corner, you’d run into group after group.”

What could have caused this dramatic plunge in numbers? Believe it or not, Trump’s executive order signed on January 25th only did a few things that have created a huge impact.

Trump’s order set new tougher regulations on the border and ordered existing rules be fully enforced. Additionally the order initiates the process of building the border wall.

And the Trump team message is only ratcheting up, with his Attorney General putting the fear of God into anyone who considers coming or staying here illegally:

Immigrants are now thinking twice about coming here illegally, and it’s stopping what was once a major problem in its tracks.

Take note Democrats. This is how you lead.

Source: The Daily Wire

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