WOW: Donald Drops YUGE Surprise On Melania…Leaves Her STUNNED! [WATCH]

Nothing like when a husband surprises a wife on the public stage, right?

Well, Donald Trump just seemed to drop a bombshell announcement on his wife, Melania, as the two sat in front of “Good Morning America” television cameras with host George Stephanopoulos.

As the saying goes: A picture says 1,000 words. And what the picture of Mrs. Trump’s face was saying, as she listened to her husband speak of her upcoming engagements, was this: Oh, really?

Here’s the background, from Independent Journal Review:

“With just 12 days until Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and wife, Melania, sat down to discuss the campaign’s ‘best and worst moments’ on ‘Good Morning America.’ Journalist George Stephanopoulos began by asking Melania if she’s still confident in her husband winning the race to the White House.”

Melania gave the standard reply, saying that she saw how her husband’s political speeches and platforms were resonating with the American people.

But then Stephanopoulos went a bit further and asked if she was going to go back on the campaign trail and stump for Trump. Her reply?

“We will see,” she said. “My priority is my son Barron.”

That’s when Trump broke in with the seeming shocker, at least to Melania. Watch it in full below:

As IJR reported: “Trump was quick to interject, saying Melania would actually give two or three speeches soon, something that seemed to be news to Melania. Trump explained that her speeches would be ‘big’ and ‘important.'”

And Melania’s face was like – whaaaa?

The hopeful first lady did have a hard time of it in July, after she delivered her speech at the Republican National Convention and mainstream media was quick to point to the similarities of her remarks to Michelle Obama’s in 2008.

Still, most gave high marks for Melania’s delivery, saying her speech was “beautiful” and delivered with great “poise.” And now Trump, apparently, wants her back in the limelight to deliver more of the same – particularly since Mrs. Obama has been making waves on the speaking trail, while campaigning hand-in-hand with Hillary Clinton.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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