Donald Has One TRUMP CARD Left To Play…And He’s About To Use It Against Hillary!


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are tied up in a battle that is too close to call. Sure, the media says she has it in the bag, and Trump’s ardent supporters point to his rally size as proof of a landslide, but the truth is, all the indications taken together show that something big in October could change the outcome of this race.

Hillary seems to be running out of ammo to use against Donald, digging up 20 year old news that everyone knows.  Trump, however, has been fighting along policy lines, knowing that superior ideas will win, and there’s one he hasn’t hammered home yet.

With the second debate coming up, he can see the whites of his enemy’s eyes, and it’s about time he uses his Trump card.

From American Thinker:

Bill Clinton, in a moment of honesty, has handed Donald Trump a gift that can gain him many votes, if he will use it effectively.  Earlier this week, the former president, in a critical October surprise, was shockingly candid and stated that Obamacare is a “crazy system.”  He went on to clarify that the Affordable  Care Act of 2010, in which hardworking middle-class employees and small businesses pay substantially higher premiums to subsidize up to 25,000,000 additional patients suddenly thrown into the health care system, is not workable…

Trump advocates replacement of Obamacare.  Popular portions of the bill could be retained, such as the ability to buy insurance without waiting periods and covering children until age 26.  The individual mandate and tax penalty for those without coverage is “un-American” for many opponents.  Eliminating many of the taxes and government control of educational loans would garner more support and lower business costs.

Ever since the ironically titled “Affordable Care Act” went into effect in 2014, we’ve seen a dearth in healthcare coverage. The great law that was supposed to give us more options at lower premiums, in fact created a confusing, costly environment, making healthcare impossible to afford for many people.

It’s gotten so bad that major medical insurance providers have dropped from the program at an alarming rate, stating they are losing millions of dollars. That’s left many Americans with fewer options at shockingly high premiums. A situation worse than before.

The fact remains that Obamacare has many Americans frustrated and fuming. Donald Trump has been an open critic about the failure of the program, promising a better alternative, should he be elected. He has already discussed–with the help of his daughter–a better solution for childcare.

It’s clear that there is a lot that needs replacing from the confusing and un-Constitutional Obamacare law. Forcing Americans to buy health insurance or face penalties is grossly un-American. The heavy burdens it placed on small businesses must be eradicated as well.

Many Americans have felt betrayed or let down by Obama’s time in office. Hillary Clinton’s burden was to convince them she is a better replacement. Instead she appears to embody all the worst qualities of an insider democrat, without the Obama charm.

Trump may have a contentious personality, but his effective leadership and no nonsense approach will help him turn around the government and our country.

Source: American Thinker

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