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Broadway Leftist Tried To HUMILIATE Mike Pence…Donald Trump’s Response Just SHUT HIM DOWN!
By PJ Editor|November 19, 2016

On Friday, Vice President-Elect Mike Pence took in a performance of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, but he was shocked when the actor that plays Aaron Burr delivered a bitter rant from the stage against Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the millions of Americans that have had enough of this sort of leftist insanity.

Donald Trump responded on Twitter and made it very clear how he feels about it!


Donald Trump is furious. He took to Twitter to denounce the rude, inappropriate lecture delivered from the stage…


The radical left is in full meltdown after America spoke. President Trump is having none of this obnoxious behavior! Let’s pray that he keeps calling out these anti-American thugs as he makes America great again!

Source: The Blaze

PJ Editor
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