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Donald Trump Drops 100 Day Plan…And Liberals Are LOSING Their Minds Over It! [WATCH]
By PJ Editor|November 22, 2016

As the Trump transition chugs along at record pace, adding eminently qualified people and setting a powerful agenda to get America back on track, the media attacks have only intensified.

If they aren’t making up stories whole cloth, they are crying about the false narratives they spent months creating that Trump and America voters destroyed on election day.

Their latest gripe is that Trump isn’t transparent because he isn’t bending over backwards to appease them.

So Trump brought the media bigwigs into his office on Sunday and proceeded to call them a bunch of liars!

Then, instead of holding a press conference, he went straight to the American people, releasing a short video laying out his plan for his first 100 days in office…and it’s awesome, as HotAir reports…

Under pressure from the news media to hold a press conference, Donald Trump released a video Monday afternoon in which he announced his plans for his first 100 days in office.

“My agenda will be based on a simple principle: putting America first,” Trump said. “Whether it’s producing steel, building cars or curing disease—I want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here in our great homeland, America, creating wealth and jobs for American workers,” Trump added.

Trump then delved into specifics about the most important issues to the American people, while the press stood by, helpless and impotent. You can see the whole video below, including his promise to release more videos as he continues to go around the elite media and speak directly to the American people.

Source: HotAir

PJ Editor
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