While Pence Was Busy DESTROYING Kaine…Donald Trump Was Setting A HISTORIC Record!

The media is trying to steal this election. We know this. No matter what happens on the campaign trail, no matter what the outcome of the debates may be, they will try to spin it in their favor.

Clearly they want to give the White House to Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt politician in recent history. It doesn’t matter how much support Trump gains from large swaths of the population, or how much regular people despise the democrat, if you believe the media, she is the one to save our nation.

So it comes as no surprise that news outlets and their “experts” tried to make it look like she won the first debate. Despite the rigged event, with the moderator’s bias clearly on display, Trump held his own and fired down every attack. That compared to Clinton who looked like a plastic bobble head toy reciting lines.

Polls and experts mean little in light of the what the people think. All you have to do is gauge the attitude of the American people to see who has this election in the bag.

From Independent Review:

Trump’s rally at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado, reportedly drew the biggest crowd the venue had ever seen:

More than 8,000 people packed in to the Center to see the candidate:

While outside, lines of supporters snaked around the building:

Clinton has yet to match this kind of enthusiasm and numbers at her rallies, with reports that she buses in staffers just to get anyone to see her. So who is really leading this election?

In this election there is a clear difference. The established liberal elite want to install their candidate, and will pull whatever dirty tricks they can to make it happen. Meanwhile the American people are rallying behind someone they believe in, someone who promises a better future for our country.

Make no mistake, the left isn’t done with their tricks. They will try to pull more underhanded schemes in the next two debates. They will try to discourage conservatives and Trump supporters from going to the polls. They will use whatever resources available to stop the cause of democracy and freedom.

It’s up to us to make sure that won’t happen.

Source: Independent Journal

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