WOW: Donald Trump Is SURGING…Where NO ONE Thought He Could! – BOOM

Polls have been coming in over the week and it looks like Donald Trump is gaining strength in key swing states.

This comes as no surprise after the debacle that was Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 collapse and the virtual radio silence to follow. Even her liberal buddies in the media were furious over a lack of an explanation.

Just imagine what voters thought when they saw Hillary fall just steps outside her van. It took several strong men to stop her from hitting the pavement.

Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.  Perhaps that’s why she is losing ground in states that Hillary is supposed to be locking up based on the media narrative.

From Financial Times:

Today, as Donald Trump’s campaign steps up its focus on Pennsylvania — if he wins its 20 electoral college votes he could take the White House — Hazleton is a draw to a new kind of outsider. In 2000, barely 4 per cent of the city’s population was Hispanic. In the space of less than two decades that share has risen to almost half. Most of the incomers are from the Dominican Republic. More than three-quarters of Hazleton’s school children are Hispanic.

In spite of being a largely Democratic town, most of its non-Hispanic inhabitants will vote for Mr Trump in November. They are expected to turn out in far higher numbers than the more numerous Dominicans. There is scant evidence of Hillary Clinton’s fabled get out the vote operation in Hazleton’s Latino neighbourhoods.

If you need evidence of the Clinton campaign’s low energy, you just need to look at Pennsylvania. The traditionally democratic state hasn’t seen hide nor hair of her people since the DNC.

Meanwhile Trump is making headway, holding rallies and working overtime to get Pennsylvanians’ support.

If that holds true across non-urban Pennsylvania, Mrs Clinton could be in trouble. The state has voted for the Democrat in every presidential election since 1988. Towns such as Lancaster, which is now 40 per cent Hispanic, and Allentown, which has seen an equally breathtaking metamorphosis, are also seeing a surge of pro-Trump support. His campaign seems to have more energy on its side. Mrs Clinton is supposed to have the organisation. “I don’t see much evidence of the Clinton campaign in Hazleton,” says Jeff Cusat, the city’s Republican mayor.

Perhaps the Clinton camp has really given up. Or perhaps they are too comfortable in the fact that Pennsylvania is a blue state.

Either way it looks like PA won’t be just handed over to the Dems this election.

Source: Financial Times

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