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BRILLIANT! Trump UNVEILS Major Policy Initiative…And Has Very Special Guest To Help Him
By Cheryl Chumley|September 14, 2016

Watch out Hillary Clinton – it won’t be so easy to throw down the gender card on the campaign trail any longer and claim counterpart Donald Trump doesn’t care about women.

That’s because Republican presidential hopeful Trump is turning an eye to what some would chalk up as “women’s issues,” and unlike Clinton – whom critics describe as a candidate fresh out of fresh ideas – the billionaire businessman is actually bringing game.

“Republican nominee Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump … roll[ed] out a detailed childcare policy plan outside Philadelphia,” Breitbart reported.

And as one senior Trump aide said to reporters: Clinton ought to cower, because she has nothing new to offer.

“Nobody knows why she’s running,” the aide said, Breitbart reported, “except that she feels like she’s entitled to be president … But in terms of helping the American people, you couldn’t name one reason.”

Trump’s latest policy platforms have touched on foreign policy, trade – with an emphasis on making U.S. business interests the priority – and immigration. He’s now trying to speak to the middle- and working-class constituent – specifically, working mothers. And his big concern?

Helping them afford child care, he said.

“Zero through 4-aged children – there has been a read dearth of policy work in Washington, D.C., and in general – that’s one of the first things we found when started on the policy work,” a Trump aide said, Breitbart reported. “There’s been some work at the pre-K level and obviously K-12. But very little for zero through 4.”

Among Trump’s ideas: Using the tax code to allow parents more childcare deductions, and creating a new Dependent Care Savings Account system that work like the health care flexible spending accounts and allow for pre-taxed income to be used for certified expenses.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, reportedly took a big role in helping create the policy plan, which would also guarantee six weeks of taxpayer-paid maternity leave to all women whose companies don’t provide the benefit. The money, Breitbart reported, for that program would be taken from the unemployment insurance program that companies carry.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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