BREAKING: ‘Earthquake’ ROCKS America…Liberal Media BLAME Trump!

Some words and phrases get so overused that they just lose their punch.  “Outside the box thinking” comes to mind.  If you wish to roll back a bit further in time, consumer products such as soap and laundry detergents ran into this problem.

Really, how many times can a sink cleanser or detergent become “all new,” “new and improved,” “super,” “extra-duty,” or whatever comes next?  After all these improvements, it’s a wonder the original version did anything at all.

So when Donald Trump’s election is described as a “political earthquake,” one might wonder if this is big enough of an event to really justify the term “earthquake.”  In this case, it truly is.

So what is this political earthquake talk all about?  And has a member of the mainstream media actually acknowledged that Trump has pulled off something that is incredible?

It’s a scary thing to realize that one might agree with an opinion expressed by The Huffington Post, but here it is:

“The election of Donald J. Trump as America’s 45th president was not only an irredeemable defeat for the political establishment in the U.S. in general, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in particular. It represented a seismic shock for the nation’s mainstream news media. Never before had American journalism, in print and on-air, been so invested in confidently, even boastfully, predicting the impossibility of one of the two major contenders for president winning the White House. And never before has the hubris and complacency of the establishment media been do devastatingly shattered.”

Those are some very strong words: “an irredeemable defeat for the political establishment.”  To put it another way, THP is saying that the political establishment can find no redemption from the defeat inflicted on them by Donald Trump’s victory.  The damage is, therefore, permanent.

That not only qualifies as a political earthquake but goes well beyond that description.

After discussing possible reasons why the major media got it so wrong in 2016, the folks at The Huffington Post draw this conclusion:

“Incisive, accurate and thoughtful reporting on the incoming Trump administration will be crucial for the American people. However, such a level of journalistic quality will only occur if the news organizations of America demonstrate humility, recognize the many failures and inadequacies in the manner in which they covered the 2016 presidential election, and earnestly learn and apply the lessons that are so clearly manifested. Failure to do will reduce their role to irrelevancy among a large part of the American people, as the era of Trump is upon us.”

Once again, one must be struck by both the poignancy and the transparency of that conclusion.  They have correctly identified the source of their failures during this election campaign — themselves, and their own shortcomings and misjudgments.

The only thought with which one might wish to take issue is expressed in the last sentence:  “Failure to do will reduce their role to irrelevancy among a large part of the American people…”

They are a little late to the party.  For a sizable part of the American people, the members of what is called the mainstream media already are irrelevant.  So the project before these establishment media organizations is not to prevent their fall into irrelevance, but rather to restore the relevance they have lost.

And that is a job of mammoth proportions, one that would require a journalistic “earthquake.”

Source:  The Huffington Post

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