Elderly vet collapses in the woods, 4 days later police floored at what they find

Edward Kirbis sensed that something may be wrong when he saw an elderly man walking along the bike path in Tonawanda, NY, but he reassured himself that everything was alright when he saw the man wave to another passerby.   

His instincts proved to be correct. News broke later that day that the elderly man was missing. It appears that he fell not too long after Kirbis passed him by, and he spent four long days in the woods.

US News & World Report shares how this elderly man was discovered:

The elderly former Air Force pilot had been missing from his suburban Buffalo home for more than four days. He told police that he used his military survival skills to get through the ordeal.

Kirbis contacted the authorities, and he would meet up with local police detective Darren Hearitt at the bike trail. The pair ventured out into a wooded trail. Sure enough, there was 79-year-old Harold Roberts.

Hearitt, who also is a veteran, said Thursday that he was looking for Roberts in a wooded area near a bike path on Tuesday when he found him, dehydrated but in good spirits.

It’s a testament to the elderly man’s toughness that he was able to make it through such a traumatic event relatively unscathed. It also goes without saying that the military survival training proved to be invaluable here, and you can bet his instincts took over once he knew he was in trouble.

Roberts is still recovering from his ordeal, but he is said to be doing well. You can check out his amazing story in this video.  

Source: US News & World Report

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