PURGE: The Email Leak Just Cost Another Clinton Ally Her Job!

The entire Democratic Party was shaken after a massive leak of over 20,000 emails. Whistleblower website WikiLeaks acquired the emails and released them on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, the largest event for the Democrats of the year.

The massive exposure of the party’s collusion to suppress Bernie Sander’s success has turned many voters away from them. The litany of other shameful revelations have left many long-time democrats questioning their allegiance.

The fallout of the leaks in only just beginning. Chairman Debbie Wassermam-Schultz was forced to step down right before the convention. Now more heads are rolling as the world discovers more and more from the emails.

Via Political Insider:

Democratic National Committee CEO Amy Dacey resigned Tuesday, sources with knowledge of her decision confirm to POLITICO.

Dacey is the first senior aide to depart in the wake of last week’s dump of hacked emails to WikiLeaks, though she follows the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the eve of the Democratic convention.

I suspect more resignations will be happening sooner rather than later. The entire party up to and including Hillary is implicated in this highly unethical manipulation of the democratic process. I also think there will be more leaks between now and the election, including the possibility of Hillary’s “deleted” emails being made public.

Amy Dacey was a high-ranking official in the party. It’s clear that regardless of whether or not she was implicated in any of these emails, the massive embarrassment this has caused to her party forced her out.

Considering this leak may lead to investigations and possible indictments, getting out of the sinking ship might be the best options for many within the DNC.

Source: The Political Insider

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