WHOA – Bombshell Email REVEALS Hillary’s Media MANIPULATION…She Can’t SLITHER Out Of This!

Leaked emails and other documents are proving to be the undoing of the Democrats this election year. It’s incredible that, at this juncture, there are still documents remaining to be leaked to the public. When will it end?

The newest chapter in this saga concerns an appearance Hillary Clinton made on Steve Harvey’s talk show earlier this year. She was touted as a “surprise guest,” but these emails indicate that her appearance was scripted, practically down to the second. Here’s a sample of the instructions Hillary got from her handlers:

Question from audience member Robin Rick (Robin is a Supervisor at Manhattan Beach Unified Schools Kitchen):

Question from Steve to YOU:

What do YOU think of Robin’s question?

I’m lucky, I only have one grandchild at the moment and another one coming this summer! So I’m just experiencing the newness of it all. We spend countless hours just watching Charlotte in awe. When she learned to clap her hands, we gave her a standing ovation…

I love to sing the song ‘Wheels on the Bus,’ and that keeps Charlotte entertained.

And so on. It’s embarrassing to read these emails, telling Hillary what to say, word for word, replying to questions by friendly people planted in the audience.

One particularly pathetic set-up was to have the Chicago-based Harvey ask whether Clinton preferred deep dish or thin crust pizza.

The entire document dump sounds like the programming instructions for a life-like robot, not a media briefing for a presidential candidate.

No wonder so many Americans have embraced Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff style, even if it sometimes backfires on him.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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