BREAKING: Major Endorsement Drops…Liberals Are HORRIFIED, Trump Is THRILLED!

In every election, there are candidates that try to let the issues fall along racial lines. They try to make crucial challenges facing our country a matter of white verses black, instead of acknowledging the more complex factors involved.

Hillary Clinton has tried to exploit the current racial tension to garner support. With every police shooting, with every riotous backlash, she has shown her support for radical activist groups and violent aggressors, not American citizens or law enforcement.


The reality is, we’re faced with some tough challenges ahead. There are forces in our country that aim to tear us apart, using our race as a factor for hate. What we need is strong leadership who will support our police and not bow to the radical demands of groups like Black Lives Matter.

The only one doing that right now, is Donald Trump.

From The Political Insider:

The Denver Police Protective Association (DPPA), the Aurora Police Association (APA) and the Colorado Springs Police Protective Association (CSPPA) announced Monday, agreeing that Donald Trump’s support for law enforcement will ensure safer communities.

“After thoughtful consideration, we wholeheartedly believe Mr. Trump is the only candidate that will protect law-abiding citizens from those who choose to break the law,” Nick Rogers, president of the DPPA said, according to the Denver Post.

“The Aurora Police Association believes that Donald Trump’s strong support for law enforcement will ensure safer communities in Colorado and across our country,” Sgt. Bob Wesner, president of the APA said, according to the Aurora Sentinel.

Colorado has been a particularly contentious region during this election, going back to the GOP antics during the primaries. With biased local media trying to attack Trump, this endorsement will go a long way in securing peace of mind for many voters.

The bottom line is we need a president who will back our brave men and women in uniform. We need someone who will call all Americans, regardless of race, to work together and make our neighborhoods safe. Leading from the top, Trump can help bring an end to the racial tensions and toxic rhetoric of BLM for good.

Source: The Political Insider

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