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BREAKING: Establishment Leader Scoops Delegates In THIS State…Trump Team LIVID!
By PJ Editor|April 24, 2016

It keeps happening.

It happened again this weekend in several states.

Trump wins delegates slot, Cruz fills them with supporters, leading Maine governor (and Trump backer) Paul LePaige to claim that Cruz team broke deal and filled ALL of the delegate slot with backers.

An even bigger, and arguably more important, delegate haul for Cruz came out of a state led by the man Cruz once called a liar on the floor of the United State Senate.

Cincinnati.com has the story…

Mitch McConnell squared up against Donald Trump for control of the Kentucky delegation that will help pick the Republican presidential nominee, and McConnell won.

The Senate Majority Leader, who hails from Louisville, heads the slate of 25 delegates picked by the Kentucky GOP at its state convention on Saturday. A majority of Kentucky Republicans backed Trump in their March 5 caucus. But party leaders retain control of a majority of the state’s delegation, requiring state convention attendees to approve the list of names on an up or down vote.

The reaction from Trump partisans is exactly what you would expect…

Trump supporters were livid at the party’s delegate engineering.

Tim Nolan, a former judge and current chairman of Trump’s campaign in Campbell County, joined a group of Republicans that tried to remove McConnell as a delegate.

“There’s a concerted effort to try to keep Trump from gaining his rightful place as our nominee and he may not be supported by these delegates even if he was our nominee,” Nolan said.

Perry Brantley, Trump supporter and state convention delegate from Barren County [said],  “It smells,” he said. “It might be the way the party has it, but it doesn’t pass the smell test.”

“They’re McConnell people,” said Pat O’Reagan, a Boone County Republican.

Source: Cincinnati.com

PJ Editor
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