SHOCK: Europe Signs Own Death Warrant – Courts Give OK For Islam To…

Who could have predicted that, of all the countries in Europe, Germany would so easily succumb to appeasing radical Muslims?

Many speculate that ongoing guilt over World War II has driven the German elite to the far left. The theory goes that, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, they are trying to atone for their collective “sins” by unquestioningly embracing multiculturalism.

Unfortunately, this humanitarianism is coming at a price. “Old stock” German citizens are finding that their traditions, such as Oktoberfest, are under attack by puritanical Muslim bullies who don’t approve of music and drinking.

Even worse, the elites are siding with these Islamic radicals, as Breitbart reports:

A German court has thrown out a case against a group of extremist Salafist ‘sharia police,’ for the second time, claiming they have not broken the law.

The vigilantes were led by convert Sven Lau who is simultaneously on trial for backing “a terrorist group” fighting in Syria.

Mr. Lau and six accomplices took to the streets of the western city of Wuppertal in 2014, telling people not to drink, listen to music, attend nightclubs, or gamble.

In an ironic twist, prosecutors tried to build their case using a law banning “political uniforms,” that was passed to halt any resurgence of Nazi groups in Germany.

Bizarrely, the judges in this case claim that the bright orange vests worn by these Muslim vigilantes, which bear the words “Sharia Police,” didn’t have a sufficiently “intimidating effect” on other people.

Elsewhere, in Denmark and England, similar patrols have “targeted people drinking alcohol, couples holding hands, women they considered to be dressed immodestly, and harassed men they perceived as being gay.” (Just search google and see what you find…)

All of which, need we point out, are legal activities — at least, under Western law. But for these Muslims, the law of the land is invalid. Only Islamic sharia is recognized.

If courts aren’t prepared to stem the rise of these groups, the bad news is that other citizens will likely spring up to counter them, and a civil unrest could ensue.

Credit: Breitbart

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