BOMBSHELL: Expert Claims Race Is Already Over…Here’s Who Won – WOW

The Trump Train continues to pick up steam as presidential candidate Donald Trump once again dominated recent state primaries.

With his string of victories and increasing delegate count, Trump has Senator Ted Cruz at a distinct disadvantage as the nomination process nears the final stages.

Breitbart reports:

Political operative Roger Stone told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon                                        Wednesday morning that he expects Donald Trump to sweep upcoming primary contests after big wins in Florida, Missouri and other states, and stopping him may be almost impossible.

“By my calculation, Trump now needs about 500 delegates, or only 50 percent of those remaining to secure the nomination,” Stone said. “And this calendar is moving into some of Trump’s strongest states: Arizona, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, New Jersey. I expect a Trump sweep of those.

They account for about 366 delegates of the 946 left to be selected, so Trump needs about 150 votes of the 580 proportional delegates left to put him over the top. He is very very close to be able to pull this off.”

It’s typical for emotions to run high during the primary process but is just that, a process. What isn’t typical is the deep seated bitterness of supporters for opposing candidates this primary season.

Perhaps it is because the stakes are so high this time but the division is playing right into the hands of the Democrats and it must stop when the nomination is decided.

Roger Stone is a long-time Trump advisor, Washington political insider and “self-admitted hitman for the GOP.”

Source: Breitbart

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