JUST IN: Experts Discover MASSIVE Enthusiasm Gap…No One Saw This Coming!

Some dead guy, possibly Mark Twain, once quipped that an “expert” was “just some guy from out of town.” In other words, a lot of “experts” aren’t as smart as they claim to be, and anyone who’s watched TV or read a newspaper lately is probably inclined to agree.

Case in point: “Experts” are apparently baffled that Americans aren’t “enthusiastic” about Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but are wild about Trump. Well, he may not have a degree in anything other than common sense, but Rush Limbaugh thinks he can explain the problem:

“If you drive anywhere in Pennsylvania, from the turnpike to the old US routes to the dirt roads connecting small towns like Hooversville with ‘bigger’ small towns like Somerset, you might conclude that Donald Trump is ahead in this state by double digits. Large signs, small signs, homemade signs, signs that wrap around barns, signs that go from one end of a fence to another dot the landscape with such frequency that, if you were playing the old-fashioned road-trip game of counting cows, you would hit 100 in just one small town like this one.” Meaning 100 Trump signs.

Call ’em the silent majority, the silent number or whatever. We’re gonna find in November just how many of them there are. We’re gonna find out in November how many of them show up and vote. We’re gonna find out a lot of things in November, ’cause I guarantee you these people are not being polled. They’re not being reached. And in an even greater sense the people responsible for polling and the editors and producers of major media networks. They’re not interested in these people. (…)

So they are out there lurking, and every presidential year comes along and they stay home because it’s more of the same. They don’t have to a political party. The Tea Party, maybe, was a vessel for them. But Trump has come along and has ignited them. Trump has come along and reenergized them, and that’s who they are. And they are not the filthy swill and swine on Twitter. They are not causing disruptions at rallies.

They’re not malcontents and protesters starting fights at Hillary events or any of that. They don’t do any of that. So we’ll find out.

Maybe Mark Twain was wrong. These days, an “expert” is more like “some guy who never goes out of town” — and talks with ordinary people.

Credit: Rush Limbaugh

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