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BOOM! The Experts Say Hillary MUST Win This Key State…New Poll Shows…
By PJ Editor|September 25, 2016

Even as Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have collapsed, Democrat partisans have hung their hats on the fact that she has maintained the lead in the electoral college. But even that has narrowed considerably over the last few weeks.

In fact Clinton’s electoral lead is now down to 272-264 (270 are needed to become president).

But that assumes one very big thing…

That she can win Pennsylvania.

Now something funny is happening on the way to her inauguration, as The Hill reports…

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump has narrowed to 3 points in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.

Clinton leads Trump, 44 percent to 41 percent, in the Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll released late Saturday.

One week ago, Clinton had a 9-point advantage in that poll, 47 percent to 38 percent.

Clinton’s lead in a four-way matchup is now 2 points, 40 percent to 38 percent, pollsters found. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson has fallen to 8 percent support, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein has 3 percent.

Trump saw a jump in support from his own party in the new poll, with 85 percent of likely Republican voters in Pennsylvania saying they’d pick him instead of Clinton. That’s up from 71 percent in the last poll.

The latest survey of 486 likely general election voters, conducted Sept. 19–23, has a margin of error of 5 percentage points.

If Hillary loses Pennsylvania, its game over with Trump winning in Colorado, New Mexico and Maine CD1. Her path to the White House is getting very precarious indeed!

Source: The Hill

PJ Editor
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