EXPOSED: Newsweek Drops HIT PIECE On Trump For Cuban Ties…Here’s The REAL Facts!

The mainstream media continues to try to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. The latest “scoop” comes from Newsweek (yes, the weekly magazine still exists!). Its latest cover story, complete with unflattering photo of Trump, claims that his company tried to illegal skirt the U.S. embargo of Cuba back in 1998.

A consulting firm called Seven Arrows Investment was allegedly paid $68,000 to drum up business in the communist dictatorship, an amount Newsweek says Trump’s company tried to hide by making it look like a charitable contribution.

Breitbart points out that the issue hit the newstands right after Trump courted the Cuban-American vote in Florida, then adds:

Some dispute the veracity of the suggestion of impropriety in Eichenwald’s piece. According to a post on Capitol Hill Cubans, a blog edited by Mauricio Claver-Carone, the executive director of Cuba Democracy Advocates, there is no evidence Trump directly transacted business with the Cuban government.

“However, Trump never transacted business with the Castro regime, as the Newsweek article claims. To the contrary, Trump concluded that those who seek to do business with the Castro regime were mistaken.”

Capitol Hill Cubans pointed to a 1999 Miami Herald op-ed by Trump where he said human rights take priority over huge profits.

Even the author of the Newsweek piece admits that the statute of limitations on this “crime” ran out long ago.

Is this accusation really damaging to Trump’s relationship with Cuban-American voters, which to date appears strong? Since he and Hillary are virtually tied in this all important state, their support could make or break election results there.

Credit: Breitbart

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