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EXPOSED: Obama and Clinton CAUGHT…President Emails Hillary Under FAKE NAME!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 4, 2016

Oh, how easy it is to get caught in a lie when email servers can never be fully “wiped clean.” No, we don’t mean with a cloth.

President Obama has repeatedly purported to have no knowledge of Clinton’s private server. Wikileaks, however, shows otherwise. And once all documents are disseminated and read, we will learn just how many discrepancies there are in Obama’s story about his knowledge of Clinton’s server.

Until then, we have this to prove that not only is our potential president a liar, but so is our current.

Proud Conservative reports: “Obama has continuously lied about his knowledge of Hillary’s private email server, but until now we didn’t really know to what extent. Back in March, Obama told CBS News that the first he heard about Hillary’s private email server was through news reports … but that’s a lie.”

Gateway Pundit reports that records released by the FBI in September showed Obama frequently emailing Clinton using a pseudonym.

This week, Fox News said Obama’s White House was told on six different occasions that Clinton had changed her email address. “Hillary’s assistant Huma Abedin disclosed this information during FBI testimony,” Proud Conservative reported.

Specifically, Abedin told the FBI that each time Clinton changed her email address, aides would update the White House so Obama could keep receiving her messages.

Source: Proud Conservative

Cheryl Chumley
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