Facebook Torturers Just Got HORRIBLE News…Every American Is CHEERING!

Finally: Some sanity in the case of the Chicago “Facebook torturers.”

By now we are all too familiar with the details of this case, referred to on social media as the “#BLMkidnapping”: Four African-American youths livestreamed their abuse of a white, special needs teenager, while shouting anti-white and anti-Trump slogans.

This fit the legal definition of a “hate crime” but predictably, the authorities (and many liberals in the media and elsewhere) insisted that the crime wasn’t racially motivated, despite the irrefutable evidence.

It was only after a public backlash that local police and others agreed to add the “hate crime” designation to the incident.

Now more “good news” about this case, if one can use that expression: A judge has denied the four suspects’ bail.

ABC 7 Chicago reports:

The mayor’s office said Friday that Mayor Rahm Emanuel has spoken with each of the seven officers involved in the investigation and thanked them on behalf of the city for a job well done.

A family friend of the victim attended the hearing and was reprimanded by the judge for shouting “yes!” after it was announced that the suspects would be held without bail. The brother of suspect Tesfaye Cooper was asked to leave the courtroom.

“I just went to come see my brother, let him know he’ll be home soon,” said Twin Carde.

In case you missed the original news on the case, here are the shocking details:

Prosecutors said the alleged actions began under the guise of a sleepover with one of the suspects, Jordan Hill, on New Year’s Eve. His family became concerned when they lost contact two days later. According to prosecutors, Hill beat the victim in a van and brought him to an apartment on Chicago’s West Side when the torment continued.

“A male shoves the victim’s face into a toilet bowl and the victim is told to drink toilet water. The victim is punched in the head. The victim is screaming ‘no’ in fear when the male walks over to him with a knife and states, ‘Should I shank his a**?’ Also heard on the video multiple times is a male voice threatening to kill the victim,” said Asst. State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti.

Police said his beating and torture went on for hours. The disturbing video, which was viewed by people across the country, has been removed from Facebook.

Here’s more video from CBS on the bail denial:

Notice that very public gesture on the part of Mayor (and good friend of Barack Obama) Emanuel. Realizing that the average American has had enough of this racial violence (and the institutional indifference that often accompanies it) Emanuel is cleverly and cravenly appealing to the outraged rather than the apologists.  This isn’t surprised after his latest interaction with the President-Elect.

Others chose incorrectly. A few pundits (and even some on the police force) initially waved off this incident as no big deal. Given the mood in the country, they are about to find out what a big deal it really is.

Source: ABC News

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