Family Guy Sells Out Liberals In Epic Parody— “I’m So Far Left, I’m…

It’s safe to say that the left has fallen off its rocker. In the aftermath of President Trump’s victory, they have become even more crazy.

Politically correct liberals flip out over the most mundane comments. “Trigger warnings,” “safe spaces,” and “virtue signaling” have created a community of pansies. These limp-wristed, crybabies lash out over something as simple as a joke. Entire careers have been ruined because of a violent outrage on Twitter.

Now it seems that even liberal comedians have had enough. The folks on Family Guy—the notoriously liberal animated program—recently roasted online liberal bullies. It was glorious.

From Daily Wire:

“Family Guy” and its creator, Seth MacFarlane, have made no effort to hide that they aren’t fans of the political right. But in last week’s episode, MacFarlane and the “Family Guy” writers took a break from suggesting Republicans are Nazis to pick on a new target: outraged internet leftists.

And they did it — in the words of radio host Steven Crowder — brilliantly.

The episode begins with the show’s resident human-slash-dog, Brian, making a joke about Kevin Hart on Twitter that, inadvertently, sets off a firestorm across the social media platform, with outraged leftists calling for Brian’s head over what they believe is his abject racism.

“About to see the new Kevin Hart movie. Just kidding. I’m white and went to college. #BaywatchMovie”

Soon, an angry crowd shows up at the family’s door demanding that Brian’s life be destroyed for what he thought was merely an off-color joke. He tries to call them off by claiming he’s a bona fide progressive (“I’m so far left, I’m spinning in circles!”) but the crowd refuses to believe him — that is, when he can get the words out. He has to try several times before he manages to find an opening for his statement that fails to earn him more scorn from feminists, transgender individuals and “human basketballs.”

The commentary is funny and appropriate. Conservatives continue to gain ground politically and culturally. The left? They’re melting down because of something someone said once on the Internet. They have become so rabid in their over-sensitivity, they cannot even take a joke.

Its political correctness gone mad. And it’s why they are losing so badly. At least one of the many, many reasons.

Seth MacFarlane is hardly conservative and he sees it. Maybe more people will learn, thanks to the episode. But I’m guessing not.

Source: Daily Wire

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