It’s Happening! Nigel Farage Makes Incredible Announcement…Donald Trump Is Loving This!

The historic win of Brexit in the UK signaled a movement throughout the world, a movement away from the corrupt control of globalism and a return to sovereignty for each nation.

It was a sign of things to come. Like the upset in England, the United States had its own “Brexit,” with the win of Donald Trump to the presidency.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage was a strong supporter of Donald Trump during the election. He often traveled with the campaign and spoke at numerous rallies across America. He made himself a strong ally to Trump’s team, one that could serve his future administration should that opportunity arise.

Regardless of what will happen Farage will become a regular fixture in the United States.

From Politico:

Nigel Farage plans to move to the United States, even if he doesn’t become the U.K.’s ambassador to Washington.

The UKIP acting leader and MEP told friends that he is preparing to emigrate with his wife, Kirsten, the Times reported Thursday, with friends saying he would feel “freer” on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

Farage made headlines this week after President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that he would do “a great job” as British ambassador to the U.S. That angered the British government, which said there was “no vacancy.”

That came days after Farage became the first British politician to congratulate Trump on his victory in person, with the pair posing outside a golden door at Trump Tower in New York.

Despite the Brexit victory, there are many ongoing problems within the UK. Citizens like Farage and other conservative voices feel oppressed and harassed at the growing hostility that exists in Europe.  They have no recourse but to move to the United States, where their freedoms will not be inhibited.

Time will tell if more visionaries like Farage take up the mantle in the United Kingdom. They deserve strong, uncompromising leadership to stem the tide of globalism and oppression that is sweeping through that Continent.

Source: Politico

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