BOMBSHELL: FBI Docs Expose Hillary’s Sickness…DISQUALIFIES Her From Office!

Hillary has been hiding what probably amounts to a wide variety of health issues.  Everyone has to deal with something, that we can understand. But when they keep you from performing at your job, that’s a problem.

Turns out Hillary has a massive problem.

The FBI decided to release summary statements from her interview back in July, and while there is more to be revealed as they are pored over, one detail will catch America’s attention—that is, it will if the media lets it get out.

While Hillary would not answer questions about it at the time in 2012, towards the end of her time as Secretary of State she had a major problem.  Yahoo News reports:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a summary of the July 2 interview it conducted with the Democratic presidential candidate, as well as other details of its investigation into her use of a private email server while heading the State Department.

Hillary Clinton told the FBI she did not recall all the briefings she received on handling sensitive information as she made the transition from her post as U.S. secretary of state, due to a concussion suffered in 2012, according to a report released Friday.

Said the report, “Clinton said she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of records from (the) State (Department) during the transition out of her role as Secretary of State in 2013.

“However, in December of 2012, Clinton suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot (in her head). Based on her doctor’s advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received,” the report said.

Questions swirled at the time of that odd eye patch on her glasses and speculation grew that she had suffered a concussion or something worse.  It now turns out that she has suffered memory loss because of her brain clot.  Why has Hillary failed to hold a press conference for over 9 months?  Why is she holding significantly fewer rallies than Donald Trump while relying primarily on negative ad campaigns?  Maybe because these health issues have persisted.  If she is suffering memory loss, she cannot serve as POTUS.  Her lapdog, the mainstream media, will ignore this as much as they can, but such a bombshell will be impossible to ignore and will lead to significant calls for a release of her current health records or her withdrawal of the race.  Trump supporters can only hope for the latter.

UPDATE: Below, find a list from LifeZette of all the things Hillary couldn’t remember in the interview (26 in total), even though they were recent and she should have recalled them:

  • When she received security clearance
  • Being briefed on how to handle classified material
  • How many times she used her authority to designate items classified
  • Any briefing on how to handle very top-secret “Special Access Program” material
  • How to select a target for a drone strike
  • How the data from her mobile devices was destroyed when she switched devices
  • The number of times her staff was given a secure phone
  • Why she didn’t get a secure Blackberry
  • Receiving any emails she thought should not be on the private system
  • Did not remember giving staff direction to create private email account
  • Getting guidance from state on email policy
  • Who had access to her Blackberry account
  • The process for deleting her emails
  • Ever getting a message that her storage was almost full
  • Anyone besides Huma Abedin being offered an account on the private server
  • Being sent information on state government private emails being hacked
  • Receiving cable on State Dept personnel securing personal email accounts
  • Receiving cable on Bryan Pagliano upgrading her server
  • Using an iPad mini
  • An Oct. 13, 2012, email on Egypt with Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal
  • Jacob Sullivan using personal email
  • State Department protocol for confirming classified information in media reports
  • Every briefing she received after suffering concussions
  • Being notified of a FOIA request on Dec. 11, 2012
  • Being read out of her clearance
  • Any further access to her private email account from her State Department tenure after switching to her account

Source Yahoo News

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