YIKES! What The FBI Head Just Said Will Have You Wondering If The FIX IS IN!

For many months now, there has been an ongoing investigation into the private email server that Hillary Clinton is alleged to have used for sharing highly classified information.

Scores of FBI agents and investigators have spent hundreds of hours looking into the charges that Clinton and her surrogates misused their powers, exposed the country to foreign espionage and tried to cover it up.

According to Politico, FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday he feels “pressure” to complete the federal investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server competently and quickly.

He says that the FBI completes its investigations independent from any organizations that have agendas when it comes to politics.

With Clinton looking likely to be the Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential election, there is a very likely chance that she will be the next president of the United States.

However, if this investigation was to find her guilty of certain charges, this could mean that she would not be able to become president and possibly be thrown in jail.

Speaking at a round table that was held at the headquarters of the FBI, Comey declined to give much away as to the status of their investigation at this moment in time, saying: “I remain close to that investigation to make sure that it’s done well and has the resources that are needed…My goal in any investigation is to do it well and do it promptly, especially investigations of intense public interest. All of that remains true.”

He makes reassurances that if someone else was in the same position as Clinton, they would still be taking all of these steps in order to complete the investigation.

It clearly is a point of concern for Hillary and her campaign team, as there were over 2,100 messages on her private email server that were of classified nature, as well as 22 of them being labelled as “top secret.”

Many of her aides have been questioned as a result of the investigation, but Clinton herself has been quick to underplay the extent of the investigation, trying to pass it off as a simple “security review” rather than labeling it as an investigation.

Source: Politico

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