FBI Just STEAMROLLED Clinton Campaign…Hillary Is PRISON BOUND! – WHOA

Poor me! That is the mantra going through Hillary’s mind about now, as the never-ending FBI investigations pile up, and her White House dream slips away.

We are learning that she is only one of many Clinton associates under investigation.

As The Daily Mail is reporting, nearly every one of her political allies and friends faces similar scrutiny.

“The Clintons’ long-term inner circle, some of whom stretch back in service to the very first days of Bill’s White House, are being examined in at least five separate investigations.”

Just take a look at the growing list:

Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former congressman, who’s under federal watch for possibly sexting a minor-aged girl;

Huma Abedin, Weiner’s estranged wife and Muslim Brotherhood cheerleader, who is also Hillary’s closest confidant;

Clinton and her staff, regarding their handling of classified and sensitive emailed materials;

The Clinton Foundation, with respect to the trading of State Department favors for cash donations to the family nonprofit;

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Tony Podesta, the brother of Clinton’s campaign chairman, over their handling of foreign donations.

The FBI is also still trying to answer some important questions such as:

Did longtime Clinton friends and allies lie to investigators and the public?

Did McAuliffe take cash from China for the Clinton Foundation in return for political favors?

And what about Cheryl Mills and the strange deal she cut with the Justice Department that allowed the destruction of her laptop – the same laptop that could have contained email evidence tied to Clinton?

These revelations have the Clinton campaign shaking in their boots. They also know that the poll numbers aren’t good for the Democrats with the election’s only a few days away and more damning news virtually every hour.

“The FBI now [has] a fresh search warrant [for Weiner’s laptop] which will allow them to examine the material found on the laptop which had apparently been stored by Huma Abedin,” The Daily Mail reported.

Source: The Daily Mail

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