BREAKING: FBI Launches New Clinton Investigation! EXPLOSIVE Charges Threaten To…

Clinton dodged the proverbial bullet when the FBI gave her a pass over her email server. Although she broke a litany of federal rules and laws when she used an unprotected server to transmit Top Secret documents, the FBI director cowardly let her off.

It’s clear that the system is rigged in favor of the rich and powerful. Even though the FBI is tasked with bringing criminals to justice—in all their forms—they looked the other way. Despite the fact that Hillary lied under oath and continues to lie.

But it’s not over yet. Close, personal friend John Podesta is now under investigation. We’ve talked about how the Clinton’s have a cozy relationship with Russia. Though they claim Donald Trump is in the bag for our foreign rivals, it’s Clinton and her buddies that have bent over backwards to give them privileges, including ownership of land in the United States.

Now the FBI are probing to see how deep the corruption goes. But will they do anything, should they find evidence of wrong doing?

From Joe for America:

It looks like the FBI and the Justice Department are launching an investigation into the Podesta Group. They want to see if there are any “wrongdoings” related to the “alleged” corruption that occurred in the administration with the former president of Ukraine. If it’s anything like the previous hearings or findings on Benghazi or Clinton’s private email server, please just spare us the details…we already know what the end result will be.

Federal prosecutors want to know just how closely the Podesta group worked with Russian to acquire uranium from the U.S.—and if any brides and favors were made.

Although there is evidence that Podesta took money from a lobbying group to make the deal happen, there’s a good chance the FBI will once again look the other way. Clinton and her buddies have a history of getting off where others would have gone to jail.

It’s all pretty clear to me. Everything in America is for sale when it comes to Hillary Clinton. Make no mistakes about it. She has the power and the money and will do ANYTHING to keep it. So as far as the American people are concerned, the FBI and the Justice Department will just “go through the motion” to appease those voters who can then say, “we did an investigation, but found nothing”. Once again, Hillary Clinton was just “extremely careless”. Thanks for nothing!

If this happens once again, America needs to really wake up. We need to understand that the criminal known as Hillary Clinton will not receive justice in this administration.

The only way she will be stopped is when true, strong leadership is restored to the country. And that will only happen, so long as she’s not in the White House.

Source: Joe for America

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