BOMBSHELL: The FBI Just Took DRASTIC Action Against Hillary…Proves That An Indictment Is Coming!

We’ve been following the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal closely.

With each new revelation it’s becoming abundantly clear that the former Secretary of State broke many laws to hide messages.

She did this to prevent the federal government from know just how far her corrupt dealings went. But it looks like her chickens are coming home to roost as the FBI continues to dig into this scandal.

From Conservative Tribune:

Just in case Hillary and her sycophants want to still brush off the investigation as little more than a “security review,” the FBI just filed a motion in federal court essentially declaring everything that was contained on Clinton’s private server and email accounts as potential evidence of criminal wrongdoing, according to The Hill.

“(A)ll of the materials retrieved from any electronic equipment obtained from former Secretary Clinton for the investigation are evidence, potential evidence, or information that has not yet been assessed for evidentiary value,” read part of the filing by the FBI.

This is a strongly-worded statement, a sign that the investigation isn’t slowing down anytime soon. If they are treating her emails as evidence, there will very likely be a litany of indictments on the way.

Let’s hope one of them is for Crooked Hillary herself.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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