FBI Caught Covering Up Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Evidence – 30 Damning Pages Released

Many of you might remember the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. The “tarmac meeting” during the 2016 primaries, while Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the FBI.

Shortly after, FBI Director James Comey announced the bureau would not recommend charges. Despite the fact that Hillary broke the law.

It was all very suspicious. People assumed Clinton got Lynch to pressure the FBI in dropping the case. Most of us still believe that.

Now we have learned that there are FBI documents related to that tarmac meeting. It comes as a surprise because the FBI claimed there were no documents.


From Conservative Tribune:

In late June of 2016, a now infamous and suspicious meeting on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport was held between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch…

A number of responsible journalists and watchdog groups filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the Justice Department and the FBI to obtain any and all documents related to the tarmac meeting…

Watchdog group Judicial Watch announced in October that they had been informed that, lo and behold, the FBI had suddenly discovered 30 pages of documents related to the tarmac meeting, which would be turned over for public release by the end of November…

The documents, slated to be released Nov. 30, could provide further insight into the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s email scandal, and may even force the release of their investigative file…

Furthermore, it could show that Clinton and some of her associates were granted preferential treatment by the investigative agency, most notably the immunity agreements that were reportedly handed out to a number of individuals in exchange for their testimony.

The fact that these documents were suddenly “discovered” is troubling. Perhaps people within the FBI were trying to protect Clinton. Still, after all this time?

For the FBI to refuse to release them until now seems to confirm many people’s suspicions. What did Clinton and Lynch discuss during that meeting? Was there a deal made? Was Clinton able to win over Lynch, so that the case against his wife was dropped?

Finally, after all this time, we might know for sure. As soon as the public gets its hands on those documents, we will be the first to make sure everyone sees the dirty details of their meeting.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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