FedEx Driver Sees Mother And Son In Front Yard, IMMEDIATELY Calls 911…This Is Shocking

What started as an average day for a FedEx driver turned into a 911 call that would turn your stomach.

As the driver went by a typical Houston home, he witnessed a brutal beating of a small child.

Jenea Muniga was bashing her 4 year old son’s head on the driveway. The 23 year old mother was later arrested because police arrived immediately thanks to the FedEx driver’s quick response.

Muniga had already stabbed her child several times inside the home and the attack continued in the front yard as she hit him with a garden tool. The event was so heinous Muniga that had mangled her son’s genitals.

To think that neighbors or other family members didn’t stop this makes us realize that we have work to do as a society. More and more we hear of senseless acts perpetrated on children.

But from a mother? The one person who should make a child feel safe has viciously assaulted her baby. The precious life of this small child has been forever altered. Will he ever be able to live a normal life?

It shouldn’t have worked out this way. But it shows how crazy our country has gotten. We have work to do as a nation.

Words cannot adequately express the heartless attack from a mother to her small child. But to think that our society has decayed into this type of behavior is unthinkable. The judicial system needs to lock this young lady away for many years to come.

HT: Conservative Tribune

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