Fiery Terror Attack Rocks Subway—Trump’s ‘Loser’ Response Sends Media Into Meltdown

Another day, another terrorist attack in London.

Despite the horrible acts against the U.K. over the last year, their government refuses to do anything about it.

Time and again they offer words and no action. Meanwhile, the terrorists are free to attack at will.

The British government is so backwards and incompetent, they wasted precious time whining about President Trump and his comments about the attack.

Talk about pathetic.

From Daily Mail:

Theresa May today slammed Donald Trump for speculating publicly about the police investigation into Parsons Green bombing.

The Prime Minister’s intervention came after the Met criticized the tweets about the Parsons Green bomb as ‘unhelpful’ and ‘pure speculation’.

The President claimed in a Twitter rant that officers had the suspect ‘in the sights’ despite Scotland Yard refusing to confirm the details of any man hunt.

Mr Trump’s Tweets came at almost exactly the same time as Met Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley gave an initial update on the attack in a TV statement.

Standard police procedure in the aftermath of any terror attack is to keep the identity of any suspects confidential…

Mr Trump’s used today’s tirade to promote his plans for a travel crackdown on Muslims wanting to visit the United States…

In his twitter rant the President said: ‘Another attack in London by a loser terrorist,’

‘These are sick and demented people who were in the sights of Scotland Yard. Must be proactive!’

A former adviser to British Prime Minister Theresa May chimed in almost immediately on Twitter to insist Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he suggested police missed the chance to stop the bomber.

This is the FIFTH large-scale terrorist attack in the U.K. in the last year. The fourth in London! And they have the audacity to complain about a tweet from Trump?

Hey idiots! Your people are dying! How about you stop acting like little pansies and start doing something about the thousands of radical Islamic terrorists you know are working in your country?

This is the height of British incompetence and arrogance. Lives are being lost. Terrorists are running rampant in their cities. And what are the leaders of the U.K. doing? Complaining about Donald Trump’s tweets.

This is what you get when an entire nation is controlled by politically correct cowards. They refuse to address the problems that are costing British people their lives and are instead focusing on a few words—true words—tweeted by an American president.

Well guess what Brits? Trump is keeping the United States safe. Despite the best efforts of liberals and terrorists. What has Theresa May done for England?

If you say nothing, you’d be right.

Source: Daily Mail

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