FIRED! He Defied President Trump…Donald’s RUTHLESS Reaction Has Washington Panicking!

Only weeks in, President Trump is learning who his real friends and enemies are—especially his enemies.

Washington D.C. has always been a place for double-dealing and deceitful politicians, but navigating this den of wolves is surely Mr. Trump’s greatest challenge.

He already cut through the noise and the lies in the 2016 election, but then he was faced with the daunting task of setting up shop in one of America’s most corrupt cities.  He was bolstered by an Establishment who resented him, but not enough to want to lose an election to Hillary Clinton.

But now that he has stocked his White House and administration with the best of the best, it turns out not everyone is on his team.  Thankfully President Trump is not averse to saying two important words: “You’re fired!”

From the Associated Press:

A senior Trump administration official was fired following criticism in a private speech of President Donald Trump’s policies and his inner circle of advisers.

Craig Deare, whom Trump appointed a month ago to head the National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere division, was on Friday escorted out of the Executive Office Building, where he worked in Washington.

To some this could be a stunning move only months into Trump’s presidency, or a signal that dissenters will be given no grace.  But the White House laid it out in terms that would make sense to any sane American:

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sunday that Deare “was sent back to his original position.” Asked if government employees should be concerned that they could be fired for criticizing the president, she said: “I don’t think any person that is there in order to carry out the president’s agenda should be against the president’s agenda.”

Current and former administration officials say Deare’s termination was linked to remarks he made Thursday at a private talk at the Wilson Center, a Washington think tank.

According to one person who attended the discussion, Deare slammed the Trump administration for its policies on Latin America, specifically its rocky start to relations with Mexico.

The person who attended the Wilson Center talk also noted that Deare made several remarks about how attractive Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, appeared, remarks that person described as “awkward.”

The screeching loudspeaker that is the liberal mainstream media is going to make it difficult for men and women serving at President Trump’s pleasure to keep from buckling under pressure to attack their own boss.  This is not so hard for Democrats, but maybe Republicans need to take a lesson from them: loyalty.

The Republicans have a fantastic agenda laid in front of them, one that can withstand any opposition from a crippled Democrat party, if only they will be loyal and steadfast to one another.  This includes both individuals in the Trump administration and members of Congress.

The Obamacare repeal, the temporary travel “pause,” the transgender bathroom reversal, tax cuts—all these significant issues can be sabotaged by Republicans who are really just sheep in wolves’ clothing.  It is best that the chaff be separated from the wheat right now.

Make no mistake, Trump knew that choosing the best would be a process that left some Establishment holdovers trying to sabotage him.

But he also knew that swift action against those that were not loyal to the administration and instead acted in their own best interest would make his strong leadership in Washington very clear.

And it has become very clear and real for any who wanted to test the waters.  Get on the Trump Train, or get off.  There is no in between.

Source: AP

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