FIRED! He Sabotaged President Trump…Now He’s On The Chopping Block!

There’s no point pretending that this hasn’t been a rough week for President Trump and his millions of supporters.

After a phase of non-stop “winning,” the resignation of Michael Flynn and the media gloating that went along with it has cast a pall over all the well-deserved election celebration.

Now even those who oppose Trump are beginning to point out that what happened to Flynn was probably the result of illegal surveillance, with one calling it a “political assassination,” but the damage has been done — and according to this story, it isn’t over yet.

One of the biggest names in the Trump administration may also be on his way out the door:

Specifically, multiple sources close to President Trump with internal knowledge of White House operations told Breitbart News on Monday night that the buck stops with [White House chief of staff Reince] Priebus when it comes to the botched rollout of the executive order temporarily banning most travel to the United States…

…from seven nations with a history of exporting terrorism and temporarily halting the refugee program. This news comes of course in the wake of the news that Flynn was pushed out, but also as more and more reports of a likely shake-up at the top loom. (…)

A third source added that while Senate Democrats are certainly playing games in the Senate holding up President Trump’s nominees, Priebus is also not utilizing his relationships with GOP leaders—his supposed biggest selling point for landing the point job in the White House—to get Trump’s nominees through and his government up and running quickly.

What a turn around. Priebus has been credited with helping get Trump over the electoral finish line, working tirelessly on the presidential campaign and conceiving of the tactics and strategies that led to victory.

Naturally, he was rewarded with one of the most prestigious jobs in America. But now, just weeks after the inauguration, Priebus is rumored to be on the way out the White House door.

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We’ve already seen how the departure of even one high level official has emboldened Trump’s enemies.

Even if Priebus isn’t living up to expectations, it is possible that those expectations are too high — Trump’s first 100 days aren’t even over yet — and another firing would actually make the administration look more chaotic than it probably is.

Source: Allen B. West

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