Look Who Just Got Fired For Calling MAGA Shirts ‘Nazis, Swastikas’ – Democrats Enraged

Democrats are arrogant, out-of-touch, elitists who cannot understand why millions of Americans would support Donald Trump. Caught in a liberal bubble, they could not believe anyone would not think the same way they do.

This has resulted in liberals, by and large, having a warped and bizarre take on such simple things as putting America first. Or even the popular phrase as “Make America Great Again.” They even consider such a patriotic statement as vile as a Nazi swastika.

But it looks like one of these unhinged democrats is facing the music, after her meltdown when viral.

From Western Journalism:

Georgia math teacher Lyn Orletsky, who in August was filmed punishing pro-Trump students at River Ridge High School in Georgia, has now resigned after having been removed from her classroom in September.

In late August, as reported by Western Journalism, Orletsky decided that the slogan “Make America Great Again” was equivalent to a Nazi symbol and demanded students not wear pro-Trump T-shirts in her class…

When students asked if the problem was due to their shirts bearing the name of President Donald Trump, Orletsky again spoke about Nazis.

“Because it says ‘Make America Great Again,’” she said. “The neo-Nazis, I’m not saying about Trump, but the slogan.”

Because the incident was recorded and received more than 1 million views on Turning Point USA, Orletsky’s ban brought the school media attention it did not want, leading it to distance itself from the teacher and remover her from the school while she was placed on leave.

Trump derangement syndrome is a real thing. It stems from liberals being too arrogant to understand how or why people could relate to Trump’s message. It’s so bad, it drives teachers–who should be impartial–to rant in a classroom full of children.

It’s a crime that so many teachers in America are liberal. But even they should be mature enough to put their personal views aside to teach the next generation. This woman let her anger and hate get the best of her, attacking students for simply embracing patriotism.

Apparently she didn’t count on one of her students owning a cell phone. Now she’s paying the price. Orletsky claims her resigning had nothing to do with politics. Okay, ma’am, we believe you.

Maybe next time, you’ll learn not to let your toxic views spew out across a classroom.

Source: Western Journalism

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