WOW! This Memorial Day Flag Picture Has Gone Viral…You’ll Understand Why When You See It!

Among all the news of chaos and fighting in America and abroad, we sometimes lose sight of what really matters. Sometimes we need to take a step back from all the political noise and remember why we do what we do.

At Patriot Journal, we do this because we love and respect the American people. Their dedication, hard work, and values are why we strive to spread the facts to our readers around the world. We are a people who value freedom and are willing to lay down our lives to see that others share it with us.

We’d like to take a minute and share a remarkable story about one American. Steve Bankston is an American from Mississippi, who on Memorial Day took his wife to enjoy a relaxing day by the banks of the Bogue Chitto River. After a day of fishing they decided to pack it in as evening approached. But before they left, they snapped a picture of the American flag as the setting sun shone through it.

From Mad World News:

Steve Bankston is no stranger to the Bogue Chitto River since it’s his go-to retreat to escape the world and take in nature. He and his wife have spent many hours there, enjoying the calm and catching fish, but over Memorial Day weekend, they found themselves witnessing a sight they weren’t expecting, as caught on his camera in a single shot.

Steve has a habit of taking photographs of his flag, which he’s made a permanent fixture at the river. However, his most recent shot will be one he remembers forever. In sharing the picture on social media, he explained that as they were packing up their gear, he looked up to see the last bit of the sun shining through his flag and saw an American soldier appear in the glare.


You can interpret the image any way you like, but the soldier seems to jump out at me. Steve and his wife took it as a touching reminder of all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives so that we could be free.

The fact that they wanted to share this image to their friends is a reminder that most of us believe in what American stands for. We cherish our freedoms and those who fought to give them to us. Let’s never forget why we fight, whether on the battlefield or in the political sphere.

Source: Mad World News

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