Former Trump Employee SMEARS Donald On CNN…There Is Just 1 Little Problem…

Barbara Res, a former executive with the Trump Organization, tried to trash-talk her ex-boss during a widely watched segment on CNN.

Unfortunately for her, the interview didn’t go as planned.

She tried to showcase Donald Trump as a “blatant sexist.” But as a letter penned by her from 2013 shows: She doesn’t really believe that to be true.

Conservative Tribune has the story: “Though she appeared on CNN earlier this week to blast Trump as a ‘blatant sexist’ and claim that she believed the allegations of sexual assault that have been made against him, she only a short while back said she felt entirely different about the billionaire candidate. Take for instance what she wrote in a letter to him sent in July of 2013, the same month that her personal memoir hit bookshelves nationwide.”

So what did the letter say?

It couldn’t be clearer: In Res’s mind, Trump is anything but a sexist.

Here’s a portion of her letter to Trump, as posted on Conservative Tribune: “I credit you with giving me a very big break, and treating me, in contrast to your reported demeanor, in a very non-sexist way.”

She also thanked him for “providing [a] recommendation for Law School and the Bar” and “for the opportunity to do Trump Tower,” Conservative Tribune reported, from the letter. The letter was basically a note to Trump to explain her upcoming book and invite Trump to read it, particularly the portions she wrote about him.

And the Trump campaign camp was quick to jump on the letter to point out the obvious fraudulent claims Res tried to make on CNN.

From a tweet from Dan Scavino Jr., director of social media and senior adviser for the Trump campaign: “Former Trump employee of 18yrs; Barbara Res smearing @realDonaldTrump on CNN. That’s not what she said in this personal letter back in 2013.”

Scavino then posted, within the tweet, a copy of the letter.

As Conservative Tribune wrote: Res “sought revenge by publicly smearing” Trump because he apparently had no work for her.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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