WHOA: Fox News Host STUNS Americans…Shares the Shocking TRUTH About 2016!

There are many in America, sad to say, that will refuse to vote this November. They look at the candidate of both major parties and cynically say it doesn’t matter. The foolishly think that, regardless of what happens, our country will continue to be the nation we’ve always known it to be.

That’s not true on many levels. We’ve seen our country take a downward slope since the 1990s. The Clinton administration opened the door for many of the economic and security problems we have today. Salaries haven’t increased in over 15 years. The threat of terror is larger than ever before. And we have foreign nations that want to pillage our resources and deprive our labor of good jobs.

Now more than ever we need to take our responsibility as voting citizens seriously. We cannot sit idly by and watch another corrupt, dangerous politician take power. Say what you will about Donald Trump, he does not have the tarnished record that Hillary does. He has not taken money from evil foreign interests. And he does not have radical, unconstitutional views that will destroy our way of life.

That’s about what Tucker Carlson said on Fox News, as he made a plea to anti-Trump republicans.

From Proud Conservative:

“This is a pivot point in American history. If Hillary is elected – everyone is focused on her deficits as a person. The truth is it’s her policies. She’s going to open the borders, pack the Supreme Court and you are not going to have the same country. Maybe you like that, maybe you don’t. But we’re not going back to the status quo, period. And so Republicans need to understand if Trump loses, it is a new America, OK? A lot is on the line, whether you like him or not. That is real.”

Although politic pundits tend to exaggerate things, Tucker is completely right. What Hillary intends to do to this country will make Obama’s eight years seem like a paradise. She will utter destroy our Second Amendment rights (with the First quicly to follow). She will flood our nation with undocumented, radical Muslims. And she will destroy whatever’s left of our industry by supporting the TPP.

Watch the full video to hear his words. Now, more than ever, we need to take part in the process. Be sure to register to vote and to get out this November.

Source: Pround Conservatives

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