WHOA! French Terrorist Text Messages Found…What They Reveal Changes EVERYTHING

The world is still trying to make sense of the vile Bastille Day attack in Nice, France. We know that the man driving the truck that killed over 80 people was one Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhel. In addition to using the vehicle as a weapon of destruction, he loaded it with a variety of guns and explosives.

It is clear the man wanted to commit even further acts of atrocity. If not for the acts of brave officers and the one civilian who jumped onto the truck, who knows how many more innocent civilians would have been killed?

Authorities are still trying to decipher the man’s affiliation. Some are claiming ISIS. At the very least, he is one of many radicalized Muslims who are following ISIS’s example.

Now we are learning he was not alone in his plan to kill French civilians. At least one other person was in on the attack.

From Daily Mail:

The Bastille Day terrorist sent a series of chilling text messages just minutes before his deadly attack on the Nice Riviera – delighting in his last minute preparations for the atrocity.

The revelation suggests drug-crazed Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was not a ‘lone wolf’ and had at least one helper.

The 31-year-old sent the message at 10.27pm on Thursday saying: ‘Bring more weapons, bring five of them to C.’ An earlier message said: ‘It’s good. I have the equipment,’ French TV reported.

The significance of ‘C’ was unclear but Bouhlel had hidden two pistols, ammunition, imitation machine guns and a grenade in the lorry cabin. He launched his attack at around 10.45pm.

It’s ironic in a country with the strictest gun control laws, this drug-crazed terrorist was able to get his hands on such an arsenal. How does a man intent on killing innocent civilians get two handguns, ammunition and even grenades? It’s more evidence that gun control only deprives law-abiding people from protecting themselves. Criminals always get their hands on guns.

He also took a selfie of himself in the truck between picking it up and going on his killing spree, sending it via SMS to others it has now been claimed.

And in further messages now revealed according to Nice Matin, the local newspaper, he talked of his delight in obtaining a 7.65 pistol and his hope for getting other weapons.

More than 200 investigators are now working on identifying all recipients of the killer’s texts as they circle in on who knew what, when and why.

It shouldn’t be hard for investigators to find out the person on the other end of those messages. Even if they used disposal phones, there’s always a trail. But considering how the French government and media have censored information of past terror attacks, the public may not find out who was aiding this attacker.

Source: Daily Mail

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