Gay Store Owner Decides To Do ‘Something’ To Show Hatred For Christians, What He Comes Up With Goes Viral

For years Christians in America have faced persecution. Secular media and openly gay activists have attacked Bible-believing people, accusing them of intolerance because of their moral standards.

They have cast Christians in a negative light, claiming that they spread hate towards homosexuals and anyone that is different.

But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot? If loving, compassionate Christians are branded as intolerant, what can be said about immoral, secular people?

That’s just what people discovered when a group of pro-life advocates stopped by a local coffee shop in Seattle. They were out, sharing their views on abortion and the right to life. The group were handing out pamphlets that explained their views.

It seems like the coffee shop’s owner was not at all happy about what he was witnessing.

Ben Borgman, the owner, confronted the Christian, pro-life group. He said point blank, “I’m gay, you have to leave.”

Why was this man so intolerant of these Christians? They weren’t harassing customers, they weren’t condemning homosexuality. When they tried to reason with the man, he only became more belligerent and vile.

“I have a right to be offended, so I have a right to say get out,” Borgman said. But he didn’t stop there. Using a string of profanities, the man cursed out the customers. When they tried to share a hopeful message about God’s love–he doubled down, spewing blasphemy.

“Yea, I like a*s, I’m not going to be saved by anything,” Borgman said. “I’d f**k Christ in the a*s, OK? He’s hot.”

The Christians weren’t there for a fight. They weren’t attacking Borgman’s lifestyle. They were just customers, stopping by after handing out pro-life pamphlets. Borgman was the one who went out of his way to attack this group, cursing in their faces and insulting Jesus Christ.

So who was the intolerant, hateful one? Who was showing their true colors at that moment?

The left love to preach tolerance and acceptance of all people. The dirty secret is they’ll only accept you, if you agree with their beliefs. If not, they’ll ostracize and attack you.

But there was only one problem with Borgman’s behavior: it was captured on video. One of the Christians took out his phone and recorded the shop owner’s tirade. It went to Facebook and soon went viral.

Warning: contains vulgar language.

Liberal or conservative, I doubt many of his customers would like to see Borgman attacking a group of people. His offense doesn’t give him the right to be intolerant and hateful.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money at his store.

Source: Free Beacon

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