BOOM: General Predicts Trump CIVIL WAR…Falls Apart After True Identity REVEALED

When a retired general declares that the results of a presidential election could trigger a “civil military crisis, the like of which we’ve not seen in this country” — well, who wouldn’t sit up and take notice?

Those were Gen. John Allen’s words to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, making his feelings about Donald Trump very clear. He said he was especially concerned about Trump’s statement that he would reintroduce waterboarding, and consider “carpet bombing” ISIS.

The trouble is, Gen. Allen is not a dispassionate observer, as found out when they investigated his background:

Allen was, at one point, the White House coordinator for anti-Islamic State group efforts. Along with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and the whole sick crew, he was responsible for the policy of treating the Islamic State as the “JV team” — a bunch of angry, stupid teens who had somehow found Kalashnikovs and were taking their angst out on the world. (…)

That’s not all. He was also responsible for the funding and arming of so-called “moderate” Islamic rebels in Syria. Lo and behold, these were the rebel groups who often decided that their allegiance — as well as their funds and weaponry — belonged to the Islamic State group. Others merely surrendered their weapons. (…)

Oh, by the way, you may have noticed that Gen. Allen is retired. (…) Allen was forced to resign after “having essentially having phone sex via more than 30,000 emails with an attractive Tampa, Florida, married socialite.”

Adultery is considered a very serious offense in the U.S. armed forces. Allen is fortunate that he was allowed to leave somewhat gracefully.

Of course, none of those sordid details about his personal and professional background were revealed to viewers when the general went on television and denounced Trump.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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