Breaking: Another GIGANTIC Company Moves Jobs To US…Trump WINS Again!

At this breakneck pace, Donald Trump will have created more jobs than Obama in a matter of months, not years.

During President-Elect Trump’s presidential campaign, he had quite the row with—well, everyone.  He got into fights with almost every Republican candidate, every Democrat candidate, and every establishment figure.  He argued with heads of state and heads of major companies.

The auto industry has been a cornerstone of American industry for over a century now, and no company has been more critical to that legacy than the Ford Motor Company.  And yet Henry Ford was probably rolling over in his grave when Ford began outsourcing its work to Mexico, leaving America, and especially Motor City, hanging out to dry.

Donald Trump the business titan has changed all that, and he has Ford doing a major about face.  And the media can’t twist this one.  Ford is giving the credit directly to Trump.  From Fox News:

Ford Motor Company on Tuesday announced plans to cancel the building of a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico and instead invest $700 million in a Michigan assembly plant, directly tying the decision to “pro-growth policies” championed by President-elect Donald Trump.

The investment in the Flat Rock plant is set to create 700 jobs, according to Fields. The money, which was taken from the $1.6 billion earmarked for the Mexico plant, will be used to open a new factory that will build high-tech autonomous and electric vehicles as well as the Mustang and Lincoln Continental, the company said in a press release.

CEO Mark Fields, speaking at an event at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, said the policies that Trump “and the new Congress have indicated they will pursue” were vital to the company’s decision.

“We believe these tax and regulatory reforms are necessary to boost U.S. competitiveness,” Fields said.

Can you imagine if Obama had succeeded in this way during his 8 years as President, while Donald hasn’t even sat behind that big desk in the Oval office yet? His only argument to his name is that he encouraged the bailout of the big auto companies in 2008, which most experts agree was a total waste of taxpayer’s dollars when they could have recovered on their own.

For once we have an American president who will put the American people first.  People call him a bully, even some on the right, but all he has done is promise better policies for businesses and for once he means it, unlike all the feckless politicians that have come before him, Republican or Democrat.

Source: Fox News

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