Giuliani EXPOSES Democrat’s DISGUSTING Khan Strategy…Now All Of America Has The TRUTH [WATCH]

The debate over Donald Trump’s response to the DNC’s use of a Muslim Gold Star Family continues to burn up the news cycle, but now the tables have turned.

It has become known that that Khizr Khan is an “Islamic scholar” who wrote that Shariah should override the Constitution as well as his questionable ties and sympathies for terror movements.

The other big change is that Republicans have finally gotten on the same page as Donald Trump and realized that he was right and deserves to be defended.

None have done it better than Rudy Giuliani! His take down of the DNC fr this whole crass episode is EPIC. Yes I’m Right has more…

Rudy Giuliani just weighed in on the matter and how the whole process went. He went on Hannity to tell America what really happened and why this is such a huge issue. Hillary and the Dems brought him out because he’s Muslim, because he lost a son, and because he was a tool they could use against Trump.

Giuliani put it all in the light for us. This is awesome!

Source: Yes I’m Right

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