Rudy Giuliani REACTS To The Debate…DESTROYS Hillary In BRUTAL Response!

Last night’s second presidential debate didn’t go well for Hillary Clinton.

Her canned lines fell flat, Trump put her on her heals and she had no answer to the tough questions that conservatives have wanted her to answer for 20 years.

Since the debate was over, it has only gotten worse as pundits and pols across the country have joined the American people in piling on for her terrible performance.

None more than the incomparable Rudy Giuliani who absolutely devastated Clinton in his post-debate interview.

Right Wing News reports on the quote to The Daily Caller…

ST. LOUIS — Rudy Giuliani wasn’t bothered that the moderators interrupted Donald Trump twice as much as they did Hillary Clinton during the second presidential debate Sunday night.

When asked by The Daily Caller if he thought Martha Raddatz treated the Republican nominee fairly, the former mayor of New York said she didn’t.

“Do I think she treated him unfairly? Of course she did,” Giuliani said, “but I thought it worked out well because they let her talk much more than he did — they interrupted him much more than they did her.”

“I liked her talking a lot because she started to make no sense.”

Trump definitely seems to have found the key to beating Hillary. Attack hard and clear and then sit back while she digs her own grave.

Source: Right Wing News

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