BREAKING: Glenn Beck LOSES His Mind…He’s ENDORSING Who?!

Did Glenn Beck really endorse Hillary Clinton? How is that possible? This is the same man who made Hillary’s radical activist hero Saul Alinsky a household name, and who spent years on radio and TV connecting the dots between the Clintons, the Democratic Party and all manner of crimes.

As Beck’s once mighty media empire seems to be faltering, did he just throw his support behind Clinton as a publicity stunt, or even a sign that he is changing his political allegiance altogether?

Ed Mazza at the Huffington Post investigates and says the rumors are overblown:

Despite reports on social media, Glenn Beck is not endorsing Hillary Clinton. But some of the things the right-wing talker said about the potential for a Clinton presidency has many wondering if Hell just froze over.

Beck said that not voting for Donald Trump ― even if it leads to Clinton winning the Oval Office ― could be “a moral, ethical choice.” Demanding that Republicans blindly vote for Trump, on the other hand, would be just the opposite.

That’s what Beck wrote on Facebook, but he’s also told Vice “that he considered voting for Clinton.”

“It has crossed my mind,” Beck admitted. “I think Donald Trump is so unstable ― so dangerous ― that it has crossed my mind.”

But, ultimately, he said, he “can’t do it.”

Apparently, Beck is now voting for Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle. At least, that’s what he said to Vice. He still has weeks to go before the election to change his mind again.

Source: Huffington Post

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