BREAKING: Global Warming SCANDAL Exposed! FAKE Research Leads To Massive…

Conservatives and global warming skeptics already know the field of environmentalism is rife with scandals, corruption and money-making schemes that have less to do with pollution control and scientific-based research, and much more to do with lining the pockets of special interests – think Al Gore.

But this latest global warming-tied news is a new level of scandalous.

As the Daily Caller reported: “A global warming research center at the London School of Economics got millions of dollars from U.K. taxpayers by taking credit for research it didn’t perform.”

That’s according to an investigation conducted by the British-based Daily Mail newspaper.

And according to its specifics, how it worked was the government gave $11 million to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy – and by government, of course, that means taxpayers – expecting research in return. But sadly, no research came.

The CCCEP outright lied about its supposed publications, claiming findings were published that weren’t actually published. And what was actually published was discovered to have been in many cases penned by officials not even affiliate with CCCEP.

As the Daily Caller put it: “Many papers CCCEP claimed to have published to get government money weren’t about global warming, were written before the organization was even founded, or were written by researchers unaffiliated with CCCEP.”

The government, of course, never checked on the validity of CCCEP’s publishing claims.

At one point, the CCCEP even tried to get more money from the government – to the tune of $5.4 million – for more supposed research.

Coincidentally, that $5.4 million was just the amount needed to cover the CCCEP’s operations through 2018. Also of note: The CCCEP isn’t a small, unknown operation.

“Government and private grants have made CCCEP one of the most lavishly funded institutions of its kind in the world, as it has raised and spent about $37 million since 2008,” the Daily Caller said.

Source: Daily Caller

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